I just finished reading CENTERLINE–one of the best novels I have ever read. CENTERLINE captures the incredible story of the U.S. military’s medical system–moving the wounded from the battlefield all way the back to their hometowns. However, no matter how well the “system works”, the stresses on the soldiers and their families remain: “Going to war throws people off center, so does coming home.”

The author, Dr. Dave McIntyre. taught English at West Point and later served as the Dean of Academics and Faculty at the National War College. Dave’s sons assisted in the technical editing–Roy, a third generation Army ranger, and Sam, a USAF pilot who recently returned from his 11th combat deployment.

Dave has been invited to speak about CENTERLINE at the Air Force Association Convention in DC on September 18. The official release will be on Veterans Day, but you can get an advanced copy or e-book version for your iPad, Kindle or Nook at:

“Centerline captures the passion, dedication, heartbreak and triumph of combat medicine and aeromedical evacuation in a way no reader can forget. Not every hero is at the front. Not every act of valor takes place under fire. This is an important story. I am glad to see it told right.”
—LIEUTENANT GENERAL (DR.) PAUL K. CARLTON JR., USAF (RET), Former Surgeon General of the Air Force

“Centerline is a great novel … a thrilling, high-action page-turner that also captures the story of what many Americans fail to appreciate—the post 9/11 sacrifices of our armed forces and the families who support them. The tactical flight operations and ground combat scenes are real—not Hollywood, and the stories of wounded warriors and the military medical teams that care for them are unforgettable.”
—GENERAL BILL BEGERT, USAF (RET), Former Commander, Pacific Air Forces

“I was a combat medic on the front end of the global military medical system that McIntyre describes—until an RPG made me a critical care patient. As someone who has experienced an arduous medical journey through this system—from serving in Afghanistan to treatment at Walter Reed (40 operations), and finally, back home to Mississippi, I learned a great deal of all the processes unseen to me as a casualty.”
—C. J. (DOC) STEWART, Former Medic in 101st Airborne Division, Wounded in Afghanistan, June 15, 2010

“Centerline captures not only the intensity of aeromedical evacuation but accurately depicts the tremendous advances made in keeping our wounded warriors alive. It is a fitting tribute to the dedication and expertise of the medical teams and the bravery and sacrifice of our wounded warriors. It is an inspirational story for all.”
, Former Special Forces Flight Surgeon

“As a young copilot flying in the middle of the night across the north Atlantic, I remember the feelings I had while reading Ernest Gann’s Fate is the Hunter for the first time. It was a story written by a pilot, about being a pilot. But it was much more than that. Now comes a story for this generation. Life and leadership boiled down to its essence. How the seemingly random turns out to be amazingly perfect … like it was meant to be. How your past is always preparation for your future. Ever wondered what that might be like? Read Centerline and find out how it feels.”
, Commandant of Cadets, Virginia Tech

“Centerline is the realistic and compelling story of the “battle” after the fight is over …. Military members, some injured and some not, yet all having to deal with the issues of career, family, health, recovery and frequent exposure to the trauma of combat. An excellent story highlighting aspects of sacrifice that are frequently hidden from public view.”
—GENERAL WILLIAM S. WALLACE, US Army (Ret), Former Commander, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, Former Commander, US Army V Corps, during the ground invasion of Iraq

“Centerline is a superb, fast-paced novel that realistically captures the spirit and emotion of Americans involved in seeing that our wounded warriors are professionally cared for. The artful description of a C130 flying low level brought back many memories…of bouncing around in a darkened cargo hold, tethered to the floor by a sling rope, as we approached an unlit airfield. The story of how our wounded return to their loved ones is told in a very powerful way… Centerline is an awesome read.”
 Ranger Hall of Fame, 2010

“Not since the early works of Tom Clancy has an author so superbly captured the drama, detail, and personal experience of soldiers and airmen at war—except these scenes are real. Do you want to know what it is like to fly a four-engine airplane, in bad weather, with a serious emergency? Read Centerline.
—HOWARD PUTNAM, Former CEO Southwest Airlines

Riveting! I couldn’t put it down. I believe Centerline should be required reading for every spouse of a member of the United States Military. I gained more insight into what my husband does from reading this book than from any military spouses’ workshop I’ve attended over the last 29 years.
—KATY KANE, Air Force Spouse

“The flying scenes in Centerline are detailed, realistic and thrilling. You smell the jet fuel and sweaty flight suits. You feel the enormous strain we’ve placed on our crews and airframes during the past decade. Brilliantly written … unforgettable.”
—ROBERT F. DORR, Author of 72 books on military aviation including Mission to Berlin and Mission to Tokyo

“I read Centerline one night on an airliner flying through stormy weather. I got so engrossed in the story and narrative that when we touched down at each stop, my mind and body were in the seat of a C-130. I honestly thought we’d touched down, in a Herc, at that “air base outside Baghdad”… with all the adrenalin and reactions that might’ve entailed. It was that real!”
—GENERAL CHARLES T. (TONY) ROBERTSON, USAF (RET), Former Commander USTRANSCOM and Air Mobility Command

“As a military spouse and new mom, with a pilot husband on his second tour to a combat zone, I understand the hardships and sacrifices that go along with the constant cycle of separation that families endure. Gone to war—gone to training—gone to war. I am thankful somebody finally told this part of our story.”
—KELLI FARGASON, Army Spouse, Illesheim, Germany

“If you’ve flown over Iraq at night, cringed at incoming rockets in the Green Zone, dined with the Combat Support Hospital staff with their ears cocked for in-bound choppers, held the hands of our young soldiers, dazed and freshly admitted from an IED ambush that devastated their unit, and then participated in the honor, recognition, and rehabilitation of our returned wounded warriors–then you will recognize the scenes in this book. Centerline brings it home, often with a tear, for those who sacrificed, physically/mentally/financially, more than most Americans will ever appreciate. Dave–THANKS!”
—CHRIS NORTH, Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Advisor, Iraq 2007, 2009-11, Advisor to Afghan Army, 2012


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