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Toward Continuous Real-Time Bio-Surveillance

This posting was written by Dr. Michael Montague, staff scientist at the J. Craig Venter Institute. It is difficult to briefly sum up Michael’s qualifications. However, I will refer back to a conversation I had with Dr. Tara O’Toole in … Continue reading

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Congressional Quarterly Article on MCM Initiative

Counter-Bioterrorism Reform Plan Looks Promising, Experts Say August 20, 2010 By Matt Korade, CQ Staff The Obama administration has struck out in a bold, new direction by announcing an overhaul of the production of countermeasures to bioterrorism and pandemic disease, … Continue reading

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Hearing Statement

Statement of Colonel Randall J. Larsen, USAF (Ret) August 4, 2010 Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts and perspectives on America’s state of readiness to respond … Continue reading

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Wash Post op-ed by Senators Graham Talent

“Congress and the administration must stop treating the Bioshield SRF as an ATM card for pet projects.” Former Senators Bob Graham (D-FL) and Jim Talent (R-MO) have an op-ed in today’s Washington Post about more attempted raids on the BioShield … Continue reading

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